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FSX Google Earth Tracker has stopped working

Jul 4, 2013 at 4:12 AM
(Also known as "Elvis has left the building.")

I'm a long-time FSX user and have had FSxGET working in the past (up to about 2011). Spent most of the day today trying to get FSXGET going on my FSX-exclusive HPxw9400. It has tons of memory and disk space. It was behaving reasonably well (at least it was loading) this morning but now it throws "FSX Google Earth Tracker has stopped working" messages whenEVER I try to start it. I've tried configuring on another machine, wiping all trace of FSXGET and SimConnect from the machine and re-downloading/reinstalling... everything I could think of. Nada.

I'm running W7 Pro. Anybody have any suggestions?