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Is there a required order of starting processes?

Oct 16, 2009 at 2:42 AM

I am becoming very frustrated!

OCCASIONALLY - everything works correctly and I can track user and AI craft on Google Earth - either running GE on the same machine as FSX or on a remote machine.

MOST OF THE TIME- FSXGET (both local and remote to FSX) says it is connected to FSX but no user or AI aircraft data appear in Google Earth

My problem is that when GE is displaying user and AI aircraft tracks and predictions I then shut down FSX,  GE, FSXGET and then restart them and the next time I get the connection message but no tracking and no predictions.  

I am pretty sure the remote and local machines are talking to each other because I can see TCP traffic that starts and stops in synch with the starting and stopping of FSXGET

I have tried all permutations of starting FSX / FSXGET(local) / FSXGET(remote) / Google Earth and no permutation conistently gives positive results.

I have been a professional systems and applications programmer for over 40 years and I know how little you can trust "BUT - I didn't change a thing!" 

As near as I can tell I am making no changes to any FSXGET parameters between the succesful, then unsuccesful, then succesful again runs.  

Any suggestions??







Aug 28, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Try setting the options in FSGET to open itself (in the system tray) when you start FSX.  Then right click FSGET and open Google Earth from within FSGET and the FSX Earth Tracker will install itself in "Google Earth Temporary Places".  Once you have it, move it to "My Places" and you can switch it on and off from there.