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I am so embarrassed!... and a lesson for new users

Oct 16, 2009 at 10:34 AM

I have asked a series of questions that were all caused by a crazy assumption I made when I first installed FSXGET - SORRY for all the bother.

I first installed FSXGET on the same machine where FSX and Google Earth run.  That was a very simple installation that worked well the first try.   Aircraft tracks appeared on GE and everything was A-OK except for the significant decrease in FSX Frame Rates.

SO I installed FSXGET on my laptop that also had an older Google Earth installed on it.  I did the simconnect install on the remote machine with no problem.

Then I made the bad assumption!  I just assumed, for no good reason, that FSXGET had to run on both the FSX host and on the Google Earth client machines.  I knew Simconnect ran on both machines so I assumed that FSXGET also had to run on both machines.  AND... that won't work most of the time!   Occasionally it would work if the timing of starting the remote and host machine FSXGET processes were just right.

Finally, after reading the C code and watching the TCP traffic I realized that the remote FSXGET process generated the same Simconnect requests as did the host FSXGET.  The remote FSXGET process did not talk to the host FSXGET - it talked to the host Simconnect.  Well...DUH!

The first time I started FSXGET on the laptop with no FSXGET running on theFSX host - everything worked perfectly. 

It seems obvious now but that initial assumption that the remote FSXGET process was a client for the host FSXGET process was hard to shake loose.

Great product - thanks for the hard working making the FSX mapping so interesting.