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Streets and Maps GPS Feature

Jul 4, 2010 at 4:18 AM


I'm new to the open source concept, and think this is a great tool.  I'm working on a project with a local museum, using SimConnect and GPS data from the "Streets and Maps" dongle.

Would there be any objection to extending the code to include data from a GPS to feed FSX and the Google map?

I've looked at the code enough to locate the "StructBasicMovingSceneryObject" structure and then, there'd be a poll in the timerQueryAircrafts_Tick event to refresh any GPS node in play.

The next issue would be to extend the Google maps integration, which I gather is in one of the .kml files?

Would there be any objection to using the source code for a one-off adaptation that supports the SimConnect project?

Thanks very much,