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FSGET and Google Map

Oct 25, 2008 at 2:05 AM
I'm trying to use fsget with google maps.

I've got the kml into the map and all is working as it should apart from one major thing.

I can't see the icons :(

The info is there and if you click on the right place the bubble pops up but I need to point the info to an icon as the default won't show.

Any clever people know how I can add the default Google Aiports icon to the program?

I'm using the latest RELEASE (not any of the source codes) on vista 64 home.

I know it's probably a case of editing the program settings that create the KML but what do I edit?

Also when editing the KML with my external IP so google maps can see FSGET, the program won't show the Pictures in the bubble.
I've worked out this is because the code that writes the kml doesn't add the port needed (in my case 9016) to access the program.

For instance the picture shows this as the address

Where as if you add my port like this
it will show.

Any help really appreciated as I've been trying for months and worked out I'm just not clever enough.