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Does FSXGET 0.1.2966.18355 work with GE 5.1.3509.4636

Oct 15, 2009 at 11:24 PM

I am running the configuration shown below.

When running FSXGET & GE on the same machine - FSXGET says it is connected to FSX.  When I start Google Earth I see no symbol that shows the user aircraft or any AI craft.  

When running FSXGET/FSX on the Game Machine and FSXGET/Google Earth on the client machine I see a message saying both the host and the client FSXGET are connected to FSX.  BOTH FSXGET icons in the toolbar show small green arrows in the lower left corner.  When I start Google Earth on the client machine I find no aircraft symbol.   All Query settings in both the host and client FSXGET are at there default values.  

I go to FSX Map and then use those lat/lon coordinates to zoom in and out in Google Earth and see no aircraft symbol.  


            Game Machine

                        VISTA 32 HomePremium  SP2

                        Intel E6600

                        4 GB RAM


                        Google Earth 5.0.1733.9347

                        Google Earth Tracker 1.2966.18355


            Remote Machine (client)


                        AMD XP2500+

                        512KB RAM

                        Google Earth 5.1.3509.4636 (Beta)

                        Google Earth Tracker 1.2966.18355