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HowTo: SimConnect Network Configuration

This HowTo article describes how to configure FSXGET to run on a PC different from the one you're running FSX on. This is for all of you who want to run FSXGET and Google Earth on one computer and FSX on another.

Step by Step Setup Guide

Step 0) I assume you have on computer with FSX installed and another one with Google Earth installed.

Step 1) Download FSXGET and install it on the same computer on which you've installed Google Earth.

Step 2) Download the SimConnect Config Tool and install it on the computer on which you've installed Flight Simulator X.

Step 3) Run the SimConnect Config Tool (from the Start menu) on this computer and set it up according to the images below.

cfgtool 01.png

cfgtool 02.png
In the address field, '' is NOT a mistake. You can leave this as it is!

cfgtool 03.png

Step 4) Run FSXGET on the other computer, go to the options menu and set it up as shown below.

fsxget 01.png

fsxget 02.png
In the address field here, you MUST enter the address OR hostname of the computer that will run Flight Simulator X.

fsxget 03.png
Exit FSXGET and restart it.

Step 5) Done!

Important Notes

  • This guide has been written for FSXGET 0.1 Beta 1 and SimConnect Config Tool 1.0 Beta 1. As the version suggest, it's a beta version, there may still be bugs and problem. PLEASE TELL US ABOUT ANY PROBLEM OR BUG YOU ENCOUNTER! We can't fix what we don't know about.
  • After setting up FSXGET for remote connection to FSX, you have to restart it, that's important! Click the FSXGET tray icon, select exit and then restart the program from the Start menu.
  • The SimConnect Config Tool and FSXGET both use port 9017 as default. You're of course free to select another port, just make sure you select the same port in both, FSXGET and the SimConnect Config Tool and make sure you're firewall (in case you have one) doesn't block this port.
  • In the SimConnect Config Tool, the address is set to ''. That's fine! You don't have to change that. Whereas in FSXGET, instead of '', you'll have to enter the address OR hostname of the computer running Flight Simulator X, i.e. the computer it should connect to!
  • As mentioned above, this guide is for FSXGET 0.1 Beta 1 and SimConnect Config Tool 1.0 Beta 1. It is likely to apply to future versions, too, though the screenshots above may not always be from the latest version. You may notice slight differences for future version. If there's any problem understanding this guide, let us know!

Last But Not Least

We'll be happy about any kind of feedback. Please use the comments on this page to let us know whether this guide did work for you or not. Any suggestions, likes, dislikes, problems or bugs are welcome! This way at least we know what to change in future versions!

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doublealpha Nov 10, 2013 at 8:25 PM 
further to my post, neither fsget nor simconnect is needed on the remote computer running google earth. I uninstalled fsget and am seeing my aircraft both my iphone and netbook. simply open the kml file you created from the fsx computer's fsget.

doublealpha Nov 10, 2013 at 7:14 PM 
They're good at programming not communicating. In order for me to see my FSX aircraft on on remote computer GOOGLE EARTH I had to tell FSGET (FSX COMPUTER) to create a KML file using using my local IP ADDRESS. Then I opened that fsget.kml file on the remote computer running google earth. I see my aircraft and nearby vatsimmers. FSGET on Google Earth remote computer says waiting even though there is a connection. This was so frustrating, couldn't even readily find this instruction page. Imagine, in this day and age! Anyway, it's running. Thanks to the programmer.

Hawk747 Sep 9, 2013 at 12:19 AM 
This page has been difficult to find. I think there ought to be a How To link to this page from the page.

whitet3260 Jul 4, 2013 at 12:45 AM 
Thank you, thank you. In all the verbiage about FSGET, this is the first place I've found that explains to dummies like me how to set up and run this (Hope it works for beta 3). PLEASE PUBLICIZE THIS!!! It's badly needed among all the geek-speak.