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2008-02-14: - FSXGET 0.1 Beta 3 released. Contains new GUI features and major bugfixes. See release notes for more details.

2008-02-12: - FSXGET 0.1 Beta 2 released. Contians checks for operation system and service pack versions, check and auto-install for SimConnect and selectable units for altitude, etc. (meters or feet)

2008-02-02: FSXGET 0.1 Beta 1 released. Supports easy configuration of FSXGET and Google Earth running on one computer and FSX running on another. The HowTo article on setting up this configuration has been updated, too.


2008-01-30: After a long break, a new release candidate has been published today correcting two bug regarding x64 and non-English systems.



2007-10-09: The screenshot gallery has been updated to show some of the new features planned and already implemented for the next version of FSXGET.


2007-04-27: A second release candidate of the Windows Vista compatible version has just been released. It contains small bug fixes and should work fine with Windows XP, too.

2007-04-27: The code has been re-submitted to the team server after the CodePlex server outage. Unfortunately the version history and issue list have been lost as a result of all this but will hopefully soon be restored by the CodePlex team.

2007-04-01: The first Windows Vista compatible version of the application has been released as a Release Candidate. Please read the release notes.


2007-03-30: The frontpage has been redesigned and updated.

2007-03-30: It's done. The project has been completly moved to CodePlex.

2007-03-30: The screenshot gallery has been moved from the project's original homepage to codeplex.

2007-03-30: Forum posts have been moved from the original forum to the CodePlex discussion site now.

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